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*updated as of Aug 27, 2019*

● Price posted on each item is FIXED and EXCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING FEE to your house. Refer to our shopee website if you want your item to be delivered to your house.
NO CANCELLATION after you have submitted your orders. Sending of new order will result to ADDITIONAL ORDER. If you cancel or fail to settle payment on time, we will tag you as JOY RESERVER resulting to posting of your private information to inform other sellers that you have a bad credit.


● All items especially k-pop albums on our site are available only through PRE-ORDER unless categorized under ONHAND  / ARRIVING GOODS tab.


● We have BATCH SCHEDULE almost every month. At least 60% down payment is needed to settle within the batch schedule for us to process your order and include it on the on-going batch. But when it comes to first press limited edition, we will distribute the items according to dates of FULL PAYMENT. Remaining 40% or remaining balance must be settled according to the scheduled date otherwise order will not be prioritize. If you fail to settle the remaining balance on time, we will now follow the ONHAND PRICE and you will only be given 7 days after the item arrive here in PH to settle your unpaid balance. Beyond the given date, we have the rights to forfeit your order and any payment sent before will not be refunded. Fail to settle payment within the batch schedule, you will be tag as JOY RESERVER.
● We will STRICTLY follow the batch schedule for orders cut-off and payments cut-off so that the Estimated Date of Arrival at our place (EDA) will also be followed. However, if your order is already sold out/out of production, we will inform you before/after the package has been ship out from Korea or after I received the package, then you can have an option of changing the item or just ask for a refund.
● Estimated Date of Arrival is 35-45 working days after the Payments Cut-off Date. EDA might be extended due to unexpected factors (delivery date from supplier, holidays,typhoon, etc.) 
● Our shop will keep your order for the period of 2 month (60 days) after we informed you that your item is already onhand. Beyond the given date, we have the right to sell your items to other buyers. If you request to refund your payment, only 50% will be returned.
● FREEBIES will only be given to each buyer who pre-ordered and not applicable to resellers and subjected to change without prior notice.

● Posters are always limited and we can not guarantee the availability even if it is pre-ordered before the release date. Availability will still depend on the supplier's side.


● Items under ONHAND / ARRIVING category means the item is already onhand and available for shipping / pickup or we already secured stocks and the item is already in transit to PH.
NO COMBINED SHIPPING with Pre-ordered items to avoid delay of payment and to avoid selling it to others.
● Payment must be done within 2 days after you placed your order before we reserve the item to you. No payment received will automatically cancel your reservation.

● GDYB Philippines will not be liable for any loss or damage that incurred on shipping due to incomplete address nor for the missing inclusions such as photocard, posters or other first press limited items.
● GDYB Philippines has the right to cancel an order which may caused by out of stock or if suspicious or fraudulent.