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These are FAQs, so try to read it first before leaving us an inquiry. Thank you.

    EFFECTIVE STARTING: October 1, 2016


    Please make sure to read first our HOW TO ORDER and our TERMS AND CONDITIONS which can be found on the footer of our website before asking us. If your query can't be answered with these information, feel free to reply on your original order confirmation email with your query. Please make sure not to change anything on the subject title. If you haven't ordered yet and you don't have any order confirmation email, kindly send an email to us with a subject title of "INQUIRY", then we will use that thread for easy tracking of conversation. New emails will not be entertained nor answered if you have existing order confirmation email or inquiry email. 


    1. I haven't received an order confirmation after I check-out my order, will I place an order again.

    - Order confirmation are system generated so it will be automatically sent to you after you successfully check-out your order BUT there are instances that your email is not receiving - most likely these are yahoo mails. Try to check the junk folders because sometimes email from us were directly sent to junk/spam folder.

    2nd - Try not to place another order because this might be considered as "ADDITIONAL ORDER".

    3rd - If you still haven't received any emails even after you check the spam/junk or other folders, please send us an email with subject "NO ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL Order #xxxx" and on your message, please inform the correct email address. For urgent orders, feel free to send us an SMS.

    2.  I accidentally misspelled my email address OR my email address which I used was already inactive/updated my email address OR I can't open my email address because I already forgot my password, should I place another order with the right email so that I can receive an order confirmation?

    1st. Again, try not to place another order because this might be considered as additional order on our system. If you accidentally misspelled it, please send us an email with subject "WRONG EMAIL USED FOR Order #xxxx" and include the new / correct email address on your message.

    2nd - Please use your ACTIVE E-MAIL ADDRESS only. If you want to update your email address with a new one, please do not place new order with your new email address because your previous points will not be turnover on your new email address if you create a new account. We will just note it manually but you need to inform us first that you are updating your email address so that we can update our system.

    3rd - There are ways on how to recover your email if you forgot your password, please ask google or yahoo. If you still can't recover it and want to use another email address, no need to create a new account or placed another order, we can just update your existing store account with your new email address.


    3.  I will add another order but can it be combine to my previous order?

    - YES if both orders are under the same batch. NO if you want to combine an onhand and pre-order item, separate shipping fee applies. Onhand items can be found on our SHOPEE ACCOUNT. We ship the lightstick separately with the album so separate shipping fee applies.

    **For additional orders under SAME PRE-ORDER BATCH, meaning if you have placed order before then you want to add another item under the SAME batch, please choose "COMBINED SHIPPING or COMBINED MEET-UP" on the options. This is not applicable to those first time buyers


    4. I'm a first time buyer but I chose or accidentally chose COMBINED SHIPPING. My order is for meetup yet I chose this option. What will happen to my order?

    - We can still proceed with your order but you must reply on your order confirmation email without changing anything on the subject title that your order is supposed to be for MEET-UP or SHIPPING. Then we will apply the necessary fees manually so that you can know the final amount to be paid.


    5.  For MEET-UP: (location: in front of Books and Border Cafe Cubao)

    - Once your order/s is available for meet up, we will send you an email with CLAIMING PERIOD as tracking number. We can do meet up from Monday to Saturday (Sunday is optional), 8am - 8pm. We will discuss it with you regarding the date and time. We will give 3 weeks for the claiming period without storage fee. After the given date, we will ask for storage fee which is Php2 per day if with no remaining balance while Php5 per day if you still have balance. We can only store your item until 60 days from the grace period (end of claiming period). If it's still unclaimed within 60 days, we will give it to other buyers or might put it on sale again. Buyers should wait again until the item is available for pick up. If the order has not yet been claimed until 90 days (3 months), your payment will be forfeited.

    - You can also check your store account for the claiming period / tracking number if you haven't received an email (sending error).


    6.  Can you allow other person / representative to claim my order?

    - Yes. Ask them to bring their VALID ID (original) and a copy (soft or hard) of your ID (name on the order form). NO ID = NO ITEM.


    7.  I will order many items, will I just place it one cart or separate carts?

    - AGAIN, separate orders will result to separate shipping fees. We will follow the amount on your invoice, so if you placed separate orders but still same batch or same category, we will ship it altogether (pre-order is to pre-order while onhand items will be with onhand items only) AND we will not refund the shipping fee. 


    8.  I placed my order before orders cut-off but I forgot the deadline of payment so I was late in paying my order. Will it still be consider under the same batch?

    - We will only allow until 3 days for you to settle the payment if you want to be included on your original batch, FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED according to what is stated on your invoice. BUT ARRIVING items must be paid in full within 5 days after you place your order to secure your slot.


    9.  What will I put on the billing address? / What will I put on "Company" on shipping address part?

    - For billing address, leave it blank unless you are ordering for someone else or if you want the item to be ship to someone else, then you need to put YOUR details on the billing address part.

    - If your item will be shipped to a company office or JRS BRANCH PICK UP, please write the full name of the company name in the "Company" slot or "JRS - branch". Please make sure that the following details in address section is complete including zip code.


    10.  Do you do LBC/JRS Branch Pick Up?

    - We don't do LBC Pick Up.
    - For Metro Manila shipping, we can provide door-to-door or courier's pick up point. But if your orders are bulky and heavy, we might use JRS.
    - For Provincial Address, we will use JRS or NINJAVAN as our courier so you can choose JRS Branch Pick Up or choose NINJAVAN Pick Up point.


    11.  What will I put on the Address if I will use JRS Branch Pick Up?

    - Address 1: JRS Branch Pick Up
    - Address 2: Street / Brgy, City, Region (Example: Crossing, Calamba, Laguna)


    12.  Can I change my shipping address?

    - Yes, you may change your delivery address with at least 1 week before the said EDA on the google docs and you need to add it on your store account and make is as DEFAULT ADDRESS then inform us regarding the changes so that we can choose the new shipping address on your current order number. Don't forget to include your active contact number and the zip code.


    13.  What is facebook link? / I already sent my facebook link, will I still wait for you to add me before I settle my payment? / I already added your regular account but you're still not confirming it. / Where will I send my facebook link?

    - Sample Facebook link ( Using browser: Click your profile - setting - username. Please copy the whole link on your username part or click your profile picture beside the search bar of the facebook, then copy the link you see on the browser search bar.

    - You don't need to wait for our friend request before you settle the payment. Sending your facebook link is only a procedure for us to verify your existence. We will only add you / confirm your request if you already settled your payment.
    - Reply on the order confirmation with your facebook link if you are a new buyer on our website. Don't change anything on the title, just simply "reply" and send.


    14. I already settled my payment but I haven't received any confirmation from you.

    - Have you submitted a PAYMENT FORM and with complete details? If yes, did you reply on the order confirmation email "PAYMENT FORM SENT"? If you're done with the 2 procedure, we usually check around 11pm - 2am but not everyday as we also need some time for packing and other task therefore we can't confirm all in one seating. Please bear with us. Or if you still haven't received anything from us 3 days after you sent your payment form, please bump your message so that we can notice it right away. But please refrain from flooding us with your mail because it might automatically drop to our SPAM FOLDER. Once you send a PAYMENT FORM, you don't need to send a copy of the deposit slip / receipt on the email unless it is needed for further verification. We usually check from the bottom part (the first dates so if you keep bumping your mail then it will be move up resulting to much longer delay. If you want to bump your message for payment confirmation, please just reply "BUMP" but be sure to bump it only after 3 days.

    - We don't confirm payments through facebook page or any other channels. ONLY THROUGH EMAIL.


    15.  I have more than 1 order number, will it be okay to send the deposit slip / proof of payment to only 1 order number?

    - Yes, as long as you provide a breakdown of the payment for each order number.


    16. Why is my status on my store account is still "PENDING FOR PAYMENT" yet I already Paid? / What is the meaning of "FULFILLED"?

    - Payment status will be change to "PAID" once you are fully paid.

    - Fulfillment Status will be change to "FULFILLED" if the item is ready for pick up or if the item was already shipped to your house. You may check the tracking number once the status changed.


    17.  How will I know if my order is onhand or not?

    - ALL albums are for pre-order unless you click "ARRIVING GOODS" tab then they sure stocks arriving within few weeks.

    - Regarding for items under "Arriving Goods", as you can see there's an SG # on the item description, that's the box number where the item is included. Please check the homepage site for the EDA (Expected date of arrival here in Philippines) of each box.


    18.  How do I use my points for discounts? / Where can I see my points?

    - Login with your existing account and check rewards program then you will see your available points and check if you are eligible to use discounts. Points will only be reflected from your previous orders through our site if those are already fulfilled and successful. Earning points are different from spending points.


    19.  What are your freebies? Am I entitled for your freebies?

    - Pre-order buyers have freebies until supplies last. Please do not demand certain freebies because that's why it's called "FREEBIES". We don't give freebies to those bulk-buyers because they already have discount on their purchase.


     20. My order got cancelled due to unavailability of stock, where and how can I get the refund?

    Options: Kindly reply on the order cancellation email.

    A (Highly Recommended):  Change it to our onhand item with equivalent value. You can view our shopee account for the list of onhand items.

    B:  Refund via Bank Transfer (BDO / BPI / Gcash only). Reply with complete details. If Bank: "Bank Name + Account Name + Account Number". If G-cash: "Account Name + Number".

    C: Refund via CREDIT. We can store your payment as credit and when we open our preorder again, you can use it as payment. We will automatically use it when we received your new order. (Kindly reply on your new order confirmation email, "CREDIT = [Amount]" so that we can give you a payment confirmation.


    21.  My order got cancelled for a reason of "FRAUDULENT", may I know why? and I already settled my payment, will I still get my order or my payment? (updated as of July 25, 2018)

    - Reasons:

    (1) You did not reply on the ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL your facebook link after you placed your order. We usually give our buyers until 3 days for them to send their facebook link. NO FACEBOOK LINK will automatically cancelled your order.

    (2) You did not reply on the ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL with message (not title) "PAYMENT FORM SENT". 


    - We only give refund if the item is OUT OF PRODUCTION (Manufacturer doesn’t have plan to restock anymore). Please follow the same procedure stated on HOW TO ORDER and we will just note your payment MANUALLY, no need to place another order because this will result as adding another order. Points will not be reflected, updates and status of your order will be through email or the google docs which will be provided upon confirming your payment. 


    22. Is my order for shipping or for pick up? / Where can I see my tracking number?

    - You will be the one to choose if your item will be for shipping or you can just choose Meet-up. Therefore, please choose appropriate shipping fee option.

    - FOR SHIPPING, once we shipped your item, you will be the one to track your parcel since we will give you the tracking number on a separate email or you can also see that when you login on your store account and click the specific order number. Copy and paste it on the Courier's URL. If within Metro Manila, we use fastrack or ninjavan and usually delivery period is 2-5 days. If provincial address, we use JRS and NINJAVAN, delivery period is 3-7 days.

    Example of Tracking number sent (provincial shipment - JRS):

    012345_BC_3001 (Tracking number is: 012345, while Branch Code is 3001)

    - FOR MEETUP: if your order is confirmed for meetup, tracking number part will be look the meetup period date "MEET_UP_Mar13_to_Apr3_BRING_ID", meaning it is now ready for meet from March 13 to April 3 then we will discuss the time of date and time of meetup, NO ID, NO ITEM.


     23. Ways on how to determine if your item is already ready for pick up.

     - You will receive a separate email informing you that your item was already ship but since you chose for pick up, you can see the claiming period on the tracking part instead.
    - If you login on your shopify account, click the order number. If the status change from unfulfilled to fulfilled, click it and you can also see the claiming period.
    - If you regularly check your order status on the order status link (google docs given along with the payment confirmation through email), then if it's already removed, it means that your item was either accidentally deleted or now ready for pick up. So be sure to check the status of your order both on your store account and google docs provided.

    24.  I updated my information on my store account, yet it is not updated on the existing order.

    - If you update your information on your store account, it is not automatically be updated and will not notify us. If you want it to be the default details then set it as default and inform us by replying on the existing order confirmation email that you updated the information for this order number so that we can choose the new and updated information for your existing order number.


           25.  I sent an email but I received a message saying that my message is disregarded or not acknowledge, what does it mean?

    - Following reasons: You created a new thread. Just reply on the ORIGINAL email thread so that we will not receive a "NEW" email. Mostly Yahoo emails is automatically creating a new thread when you reply, so instead click "REPLY ALL" so that your new reply will not create a new thread. One order number = One conversation thread.

    - Another reason: You changed the subject title. We automatically disregard those emails if it doesn't have the original subject title.